For a friend's Bat Mitzvah in South Africa in 2011, I carved this menorah from Israeli olivewood and copper tubing. It's about 10" x 6" x 2". Its simple shape was surprisingly difficult to achieve.
 My friend Dahinda was ill, and I made him a small (3” x 3”) Buddha out of soapstone. We rather irreverently called it Buddha Boy. It was designed to be a tactile comfort, and apparently he was holding it when he died. 2014.
 My daughter had a thing for hedgehogs, and if they hadn’t been illegal in California she would have had several as pets. So instead I made her one out of soapstone — Henry. 2013.
 For a friend I carved this menorah, also from Israeli olivewood. Olivewood is as hard as ebony to carve, and smells of burned olive oil when sawn or sanded. I wanted an organic look, and came up with the tree. Green candles, even though they should probably have been blue, symbolized its leaves. Inlaid around each branch was silver wire. 10" x 8" x 3", 1980.
 In 2007 I was taking my daughter to our nearest beach at that time, Seal Beach, when I realized they lacked a significant sign at the gateway to its old town. I came up with this design and submitted it to their city council, but heard nothing back. Lately I've been trying to generate a grassroots support through the local papers.
 A friend lost his much-loved Chow Chow, and it took me a while, but I carved him this in black soapstone. I liked it so much I had it copied in bronze before I sent it off. 3" x 3", 2016.
 Our family's much-loved dog Mocha, in her winter curl. Unidentified wood burl. 6" diameter.
 Buddha 1, bronze. 2006. 2.5" tall.
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