In the late nineties I was working a lot for Disney, who at the time owned the Angels baseball team. For their merchandising items, they commissioned a series of designs incorporating the Angels logo (changed now to the A with halo), to represent the history of the team. Since the Angels had been established in the sixties, it was decided that one should reflect a Peter Max-style look.
 For the book cover of “1968—A Year In The Life,” I drew line portraits of the Beatles and paired them with type of the period. Ironically, I knew all about the period’s style because I was designing album covers for EMI in London in 1968 (though I designed mostly classical and jazz, and none for the Fab Four).
 A tequila label designed for the European market, Blue Midnight incorporates Southwest imagery.
 Cadillac Enthusiasts of the Midwest wanted a distinctive yet slightly tongue-in-cheek mark for their promotions and clothing.
 The Anaheim Angels needed a special logo designed for Eddie Murray’s 3000th game, and decided on a style that looked a little retro. “Steady Eddie” finished his career at home in 1997, playing for both the Angels and the Dodgers.
 The San Francisco Volunteers wanted a logo for their T-shirts that would be appealing to both men and women. We used this brush illustration and lettering design in two different color combinations.
 Star Guitar needed a distinctive and memorable logo that could be animated for TV and Web advertising.
 "Synchro" was a label for the L.A.-based dance clothing line.
 One of several designs submitted for a PSB Marketing logo redesign — a lucite look. 2008.
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