The first of the rough woodcut-style typefaces, “Westwood” was originally named “Chop,” but when Letraset bought it they wanted the name changed, since they already had a “Choc,” and it was they who suggested using my name. Each character (and there are over 200 in a complete font) was hand-painted in white on black paper (my trick to approximate the look of a woodcut), at about two inches tall, ten or so tries at each character.  I picked the best of each and enlarged them to 12” tall for retouching. Then these were photocopied in batches of a dozen. Their delivery to England in hardcopy form was held up by the first Gulf War, which caused a backlog of customs inspections in the UK.
 After the success of the “Westwood” font, I decided to tackle a punk-styled script, and “Dekadenz” was the result.
 Barbara Elaine Smith, known as B. Smith, is a restaurateur whose television show,  B. Smith With Style , aired on weekdays on BTN and Bounce TV, featuring home décor and cooking segments. This was its logo, typical of late 80s early 90s style.
 During the late eighties and first half of the nineties I designed a lot of titles for TV shows and movies through Paramount and Klasky-Csupo, the originators of  The Simpsons .  The Mighty Quinn  (1989) was Denzel Washington’s 11th movie.
 Logo for Brushworks, a Las Vegas mural and interior decorating group, late 90s.
 One of the logos for a trilogy of cat books, for Two Heads Publishing in the UK, late 90s.
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