An illustration from a promotional folder to attempt to syndicate the  Our Man Hinkey  cartoon strip (1998), written by Sidney Andersson and illustrated by me. Hinkey was a child’s nanny who happened to be a hippo, an oddly endearing concept that unfortunately was not appreciated by syndicators.
 One of the first year’s series of my Dysfunctional World® cartoons, this one a parody of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
 Pen and ink illustration from a 4-page 1987 comic I wrote called “Mike Macho Tells You How To Be A Real Man,” a sardonic look at sexism. It became quite notorious in a limited way, and for years I received orders from all over the country and Canada, along with a few pieces of hate mail.
 The second series of my Dysfunctional World® cartoons (1999) was an attempt to get into the  New Yorker,  and because of this I developed a different style. None were published.
 In 1997  USA Today  approached me to develop a new kind of cartoon suitable for the whole country. Squint is what I came up with, simple pairings of absurdities. Only one ran — Beanie Teens — but I got a lot of letters about it.
 Logo for Daddy's Burger Lounge, Los Angeles.
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